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Clerk RFO: Stephanie Lloyd

Financial Information

End of Year Accounts


The Precept is that element of your Council Tax that is paid to Rosliston Parish Council.

Every year, the Parish Council calculates how much money it needs for the next Financial Year. These are usually finalised at the January Council meeting and then the Precept request submitted to South Derbyshire District Council (SDDC). SDDC co-ordinates the other demands from Derbyshire County Council, the Police and themselves and come up with the rate to be paid from 1st April of that year.

Financial Reports

Financial Regulations

Grants Awarded

  • Grant Awarding Policy 2015 11 16 (PDF, 47 Kb)

    No grants have been awarded under the Parish Council's Grant Awarding Policy to date. If you wish to apply to the Parish Council for a grant, please see the Grant Awarding Policy which includes an application form.

Grant Applications Submitted

  • Grant Awarding Policy 2015 11 16 (PDF, 47 Kb)

    No applications have been submitted to the Parish Council under their Grant Awarding Policy to date. Please see the Policy for details should your organisation wish to apply.

Monthly Expenditure

Monthly expenditure is detailed in the minutes at each meeting. Please see the minutes in our documents section